Supply Chain in Europe

The Kungfu Company has several years of experience in overseas manufacturing, 

with access to top-tier OEM factories in Europe. In our comprehensive supply chain services, 

we offer a one-stop solution for all your needs:

Our Strengths

Extensive Resources

Our company has a full-channel supply chain with top OEM factories across various European countries. If you wish to establish a company in Europe, register your own brand, and produce your own products, we will be your best overseas OEM/ODM manufacturing partner.

Top-notch technology

We collaborate with several top-notch research and development laboratories in Europe, possessing the latest R&D technology and exclusive product formulations. Ensuring production quality, we will create unique characteristics for your brand.

Certificated Quality

All the major top-tier OEM factories we collaborate with hold various types of certifications from authoritative European institutions, such as GMP, ISO, ECOCERT, and more. Partnering with these factories will significantly enhance the credibility of your company or brand.

Top-tier Supply Chain in Europe

THE KUNGFU COMPANY has several years of experience in overseas manufacturing. 
Our company collaborates with European factories and possesses a top-tier OEM factory's full-channel supply chain in Europe. 
The OEM products we cooperate with factories mainly fall into the following categories:

Skincare products

We have established partnerships with top OEM factories across various European countries, producing a high-quality full range of products in skincare, body care, cosmetics, hair care, etc. This includes masks, essences, lotions, creams, and more, catering to all your needs.

High-tech Innovation

We provide a secure European supply chain and patented technologies. By connecting with production factories that offer products in different specifications and packaging (ISO GMP certified European manufacturing), we bring exclusive and cost-effective collaborations to you.

Health Supplement

Our collaboration with factories extends to OEM health products, encompassing various forms of dietary supplements: tablets, powders, liquids, soft and hard capsules, and more. Based on different formulations, the factories can produce products with varied effects, such as fish oil, vitamins, protein powders, collagen drinks, and more.

Food (especially baby food)

The food products we collaborate on with factories include baby food supplements, organic foods, natural oils, and more. We offer you the best prices, exclusive collaborations with European factory formulations, ISO GMP certified facilities, and assurance of European manufacturing.

One-Stop Service Flowchart

01 Product Planning, Company Establishment

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  • European Local Company, Trademark Registration
  • European Company, Brand Acquisition Services
  • European Local Legal Counsel
  • European Accounting Services

02 European Outsourced Packaging Design Team

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  • Printing and Labeling Services in Europe
  • Brand Image Overall Positioning and Planning

03 Research and Development, Manufacturing in Europe

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  • Exclusive Product Formulation, Collaboration with Authoritative Research Institutions in Europe
  • Coordinating with Production Factories for Various Specifications and Packaging of Products
  • Best Prices, Exclusive Collaboration with ISO, GMP, and other Certified Factories

04 European Market Sales Channels

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  • Collaboration with Local Pharmacies and Duty-Free Shops in Europe
  • Multichannel Online Sales Promotion in Europe
  • Collaboration in European Purchasing and Sales
  • European Market Marketing, Advertising, and Brand Image Enhancement

05 Import-Export Trade Consultation

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  • Import-Export Freight Assistance Services
  • Sales and Export Filing
  • Domestic Wholesale Offline Sales Formula Verification and Sales Filing Assistance Services
  • Integration with Sales Platforms such Tmall and JD, Providing Qualifications for Opening Flagship Stores, Assisting in Domestic Sales Platform Promotion

More One-Stop Services...

The Kungfu Company can provide you with a range of services, including logistics for import and physical stores, logistics clearance for imports, integration with European overseas warehouses, stocking for online sales platforms, stocking for physical stores, and assistance with promotional activities. Our dedicated local European team will help you establish a multi-channel sales strategy, integrating both online and offline platforms.