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Are you negotiating with your European partners? 

The Kungfu Company will provide you with exclusive, professional, and comprehensive services, 

serving as a powerful assistant to help you conquer the European market.

The Kungfu Company

Who are we really?

Our company's founder, as a long-term resident in Europe, has a profound understanding of both the Chinese and European languages and cultures. Coupled with continuous assistance from our Chinese team and local professional teams in Europe, we can successfully assist you in smoothly opening the doors to the European market!

Even more importantly, The Kungfu Company has a professional team and essential supply chain resources at its core: top-notch OEM factories in Europe and a rich portfolio of brands. We are always ready to provide first-class service and assistance according to your needs.

Over 10 years of industry experience + One-stop solution

The Kungfu Company

What makes us different?

We offer a comprehensive "one-stop" solution for your European business—

We can support the development of your brand in Europe from any stage. We can "take control" of various aspects, including preparing for market entry, conducting e-commerce tests, managing overseas warehouses, overseeing the supply chain, and more. We can assist you in distributing your products through retail, O2O (offline to online) stores, as well as major department stores, boutique shops, supermarkets, and other channels.

In addition, we possess industry expertise that can assist you in understanding the legal regulations governing online sales and general trade in China. We can also help you establish marketing strategies in the Chinese market.

Contact Us

Contact us and let us get to know you and your needs.
Our team of professional consultants will take a thorough look at your needs and expectations, and then propose a project plan that is tailored to your budget and schedule.

Email adresse :

Wechat : cherly_xie

Red Book : @The Kungfu Company

Telephone :+ 33 (0)7 82 82 18 00

Our Office Rooms : 🇨🇳 Changsha, China — 🇫🇷 Lyon, France

Clients Choose us !

Whether it is a start-up company or a listed company, 

we are grateful for the trust of our customers, and we will treat every customer and every project with the utmost sincerity.