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The Kungfu Company

We specialize in China's import and export international trade with Europe, European all-channel supply chain and other services, for Chinese enterprises committed to seafaring in Europe to provide one-stop market consulting services.

Our partners

Our Services

Expanding Chinese Company into Europe

Export Qualification Preparation Overseas Warehouse Management Assistance in Online and Offline Sales

European Brand General Agency

Overseas Brand Integration 

Support for Various Trade Methods Endorsement Marketing Overseas

OEM and Supply Chain in Europe

Setting up a company in Europe
Registering your brand's trademark
Manufacture your own products

Our Strengths

Rich Experience

Our company's founder has over 10 years of work experience in the overseas fields of OEM manufacturing, brand agency, and other related import-export trade activities.

Extensive Resources

Our company has established close cooperative relationships with major health and skincare OEM factories in Europe, as well as numerous local European brands.

One-stop Service

Our company provides one-stop service, accompanying clients from the initial project planning to the formal sale of the end product. The Kungfu Company is with our clients every step of the way.


Our company's founder has resided overseas for a long time, is proficient in multiple languages, and is familiar with the collaborative communication methods among European local businesses as well as the local market characteristics.

International business : import and export export, with multi working languages

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