European Brand General Agency

As the first French company specializing in localized marketing for Sino-European brands, 

The Kungfu Company has developed tailored localization trade strategies 

to meet the demand of domestic clients in representing European brands.

European Brand General Agency

In response to clients seeking the agency rights for the onshore development of European brands in China and the importation of the brand's products, Gongfu International Trading Company will provide the following two sales models based on the client's budget and brand positioning:

Cross-border E-commerce

The Kungfu Company will assist clients in completing the task of connecting with overseas brands by becoming either the domestic general agent or distribution agent. While assisting in handling tax-free filing for cross-border e-commerce products, we also provide sales coordination services for clients to establish flagship stores on major domestic e-commerce platforms.

General Trade Sales

After choosing to become the European brand's general agent or distribution agent, you can also engage in bulk trade with other domestic enterprises. The Kungfu Company will be responsible for verifying product formulations and providing assistance in filing for offline sales in the domestic market.

Overseas Endorsement Promotion

Regardless of the sales model you choose, The Kungfu Company will provide you with overseas endorsement and market promotion services. We will promote your brand through overseas social media, collaborate with overseas Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and organize offline promotional events such as exhibitions.