Expending Chinese Companies

For Chinese clients eager to establish a company in Europe and export products to the European market, we will provide tailor-made and comprehensive one-stop services based on your specific situation and market objectives:

Expanding Chinese Companies into Europe

For Chinese clients looking to export products to Europe, The Kungfu Company will be your best partner in establishing a comprehensive supply chain in Europe. We will assist you in producing your unique products in Europe and expanding your product sales in the European market.

01 Import Qualification Filing

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In Europe, different countries have unique compliance and certification requirements for various types of products. Apart from assisting you in preparing the necessary business licenses for your company and quality compliance inspections for your products, Gongfu International Trading Company will also guide you in handling various customs matters. We will prepare various import declaration documents to help you successfully clear customs smoothly.

02 Off-line Sales Channels

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We will help you establish and maintain various offline sales channels in Europe based on your product type and market positioning. This includes various affordable pharmacies, duty-free shops, chain supermarkets (such as Super U), shopping malls (such as Darty, Fnac), and even high-end luxury department stores like Le Bon Marché and Galeries Lafayette.

03 Online e-commerce layouts

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In addition to offline physical store sales, we will also assist you in listing your products on major European e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Rakuten, Cdiscount, Manomano, etc. Based on customer needs, we can also help you establish a dedicated overseas sales website and take care of basic operational management activities.

04 Overseas Warehouse Management

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Facing the various challenges of transporting goods internationally, Gongfu International Trading Company is ready to provide overseas warehouse management services for domestic clients. We aim to meet your comprehensive requirements for the safe transport, storage, and shipment of goods abroad, enabling more efficient handling of international orders.

05 Marketing and Communications

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Our overseas marketing promotion involves both offline physical promotion, such as traditional print advertising slogans, and online media promotion, including social media marketing and collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). We ensure to establish a robust and distinctive overseas brand image for you.

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